We’re glad to have this piece ready for your learning again. We believe the first part of this series — ‘Starting early’ — has stirred up dreams and visions in you. Should you have not started already, we believe this piece will generate the needed impetus for your dream engine.

You know, you may be able to get an “Arrangee” to write your academic exams for you, but no one can write the exams of your life for you. It is yours to write. Just as no one can eat or sleep on your behalf: life examination is customized for you alone, no mercenary can seat-in for you. Even ones parents can’t!
When I was in early primary classes (primary 1 or 2), I often depend on copying my intelligent friend during test and examination. But when I got into higher primary class(primary 4 or 5), it became clear to me that I will soon be writing Common Entrance examination (the pattern then is that every candidate will sit alone far away from coping range). I ‘received sense’ to get started on studying for myself if I don’t want to chew my pencil as elders chew chewing-stick. I took the bold step to study hard; although I was not aware what it was then, but now I know it is called Responsibility!

Responsibility is the starting point of all greatness. It is the aroma in all success story. And when embraced early in life, an individual seem to be without fault in that his field — to his peers, he appears to have ‘two heads’. Let me direct your attention to what the Bible counsels with respect to taking responsibility early in life. It says:

It is good for a man that he bear the yoke(be responsible) in his youth*; whether the individual likes it or not, he/she will still bear the yoke of life — early or later — it is inevitable.

However, it is better to start in the day of your youth — this is when you’re at the peak of your mental and physical strength. Proverbs 20:29 KJV lays emphasis on this:
“The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head”.

Therefore let me conclude this session by introducing to you the practical responsibility steps needed to embark on your greatness journey.

There are two faces to a coin or currency note and without these two sides, the currency is valueless. Even the cheapest thing in the market, it can’t buy. Likewise there are two sides to the currency you need to enlist you for Greatness/Stardom; and without any of these ‘two sides’ it can pull no weight. One without the other is like a car without an engine. These are:
* LABOUR — purposeth work or action
* DISCIPLINE — choosing the profitable over the comfortable….

On these two, successful men stand tall; yet on one additional, Great Men of history emerges, and Men of kingdom exploits are made!
Get ready for deeper insight on this Roller-coaster of greatness, as we bring your way again detail literature on “Taking Practical Responsibility steps”.

Till the coming of the Lord, continually seek Him while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.

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