Wow! Welcome to another refreshing time of insightful exposition.
Before proceeding, let’s quickly apprise you of the truth that will make this exposition of benefit to you:
‘Degrees, certificates, and acquired-knowledge wouldn’t profit you, not until you put to work what you know’.

Yes it is a hard to swallow pill, but it is what it is, especially in this recent decade where Labour Industries are world apart from Educational Institutions. (This is a discussion for another publication).

Without digressing, please know that the society we are in today has relegated and replaced delayed gratification with instant gratification. It has replaced thrift and sacrifice with luxury, immoderation, and extravagance. As a result, the saving culture has been replaced with the spending culture.

Most individuals have relegated saving to the bottom of their priority planner — if at all it qualifies to be on their planner. They struggle to save what is left of their income after they have apportioned the bulk of it to luxury, in order to keep up with the demands of their societal status.

There is always a ‘raining day’ in a man’s life time. It could be at old age, it could be any time of a man’s life after he(she) has reached his(her) financial peak, he ‘plateaus’, and then the law of diminishing return sets in.

Every man’s financial ‘rainy day’ defers in time and in magnitude, and we all will experience it — ask any one-time richest man in the world.

This is what makes saving & planning prudence and a necessity in order not to live a precarious life. There is an old and ever relevant saying, even though many ‘investment lobbyist’ have down play its worth. It goes thus:

‘A penny saved is a penny earned(gained)’.

I tell you it is this same wisdom that Joseph applied in making Egypt the economic and financial capital of the world at a time of global famine, global recession and the world’s ‘rainy day’. (Read this account in Genesis 41).

Joseph saved one-fifth (20%) of all Egypt’s harvest/income in the season of abundance(affluence), and store them up for the season of famine.(Gen 41:34). He placed saving and planning first on his priority planner during the season of plenty. And whatsoever was left after a fifth of the incomes were saved was what was used to meet other needs, wants and desires.

Henceforth, please take a cue from this ‘time-immemorial’ and ever-delivering piece of wisdom. After you have removed your Tithe, save the ‘Joseph’s fifth’ of all your income, and live within the means of what is left. Make this a practise, and you will enjoy your delayed gratification to the fullest.

Please note: What you earn as income will never be enough, regardless of how much it is, if you don’t live a moderate lifestyle: Because your taste is high, the more money you make the higher you desire to acquire. Embrace the saving culture!

Till we come your way again and “till the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, continually seek Him while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near”. (Isaiah 55:6).

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