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Welcome again to another exciting session. In this session we will strive to help you make the knowledge & skills you have acquired, and those you will still acquire, count for you and for humanity.

So we will be ‘grazing’ into the boundless field of Technological Invention; but before we encroach into this field, let’s remind you of the popular saying:
“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”.
Building on this, we infer:
The Great inventions we see around us today, were birthed through ‘uncommon’ reasoning — ‘uncommon’ because it contradicts the impossibility thoughts of majority.
For instance, majority will agree that whatsoever heavy item you throw up will in no time return to the ground; but the Wright brothers [the first Inventors of Aircraft] will say whatsoever heavy item you launch to the sky will stay afloat as long as you want it to stay in the air. Therefore it takes seeing what others are not seeing for you to attain an Inventor’s escape velocity into space.

Here is a close example to how an Inventor sees things:
He/She is looking at a tree but not seeing a tree, rather seeing a habitat for birds, a potential shade for the scorching sun, a source of rich and clean oxygen, an excavator for carbon dioxide…etc.

Again, you need to know that an Inventor sees beyond the obvious things majority sees: he or she sees as though his/her eyes are anointed with ‘eyesalve’ to see the supernatural. He or She sees possibility where others sees impossibility.
An Inventor operates in the same frequency of faith the scripture talks about in Luke 1:37 KJV: “For with God nothing shall be impossible”.
An Inventor sees possibilities first in every situation, afterwhich he engages in rigorous reasoning towards actualizing what he saw. He brainstorms; he studies, where the need arises to further gather relevant knowledge, and also acquires useful skills — all for the actualization of his dreams.
In a nutshell, what an Inventor sees, if spoken, is foolishness to ‘common reasoning’ and insanity to the ‘lazy in heart’.

The question then is how can you develop the mind of an Inventor?
Let’s graze into this new territory on our next publication. Till then, anoint your eyes with ‘eyesalve’ to enable you see possibilities where others are seeing impossibilities. And “till the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, continually seek Him while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near”. (Isaiah 55:6).

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