It’s awesome being able to come to you again with this timely piece. You might want to quiet every distraction around you before you proceed any further. You will be grateful you did.

Let’s start this session by reminding you: Everyone is born equal, but not everyone leave this world equal.

What differentiates every man at the end of his(her) life sojourn is what he(she) did with the allotted time given to him(her). Whether to earn a living or to make a lasting impact, is the differentiator of every one that walk the surface of the earth.

Spending your time — the currency of life — to earn a living is good, but much better is making lasting impact with it.

Twenty-four(24)hrs, is never enough in a day for anyone to make more than enough to satisfy his(her) needs, wants, tastes and desires. No wonder Economist said: ‘..human wants are insatiable..’

Therefore there is no fulfillment in making just a living, because the time available for everyone in a day is never enough to pay for the income he(she) desires.

However a hour or minute of impact can produce a lasting fulfillment — one which a life time of man’s labour cannot generate.

A good example of this is the woman spoken about in Matthew 26:6 -13; because of her ‘less-than-a-hour’ singular act, hear what Jesus Christ said of her in verse 13:
“Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her”.

Therefore strive to make impact in whatever setting, or sphere of life you function. Be it in your Business or in your Career, or in the Organisation you work for; and most importantly in your Life Purpose.

Not all life transforming, ‘business-redefining’ Technology or Act has been invented, discovered or executed yet.

Yours has not been included on the list; so ‘the Universal Set of Exploit men have seen or heard’ can not be bounded yet.
The world is awaiting yours! So gear up and make a lasting positive impact on the human race.

The Bible recorded Abraham made such an impact — one that the Jews by blood and by adoption haven’t recovered from the blessing till today.
Moses, David, Solomon, Daniel, Joseph…to mention a few from the Scripture, also made impacts.

Check human history, people like Michael Faraday, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein…, to mention a few made lasting impacts that are still seen and talked about today.

Remember: these men were not mentioned the richest in their time. Although there is nothing wrong in being the richest. But ensure it is used to make positive impact — one that the world will not recover from anytime soon. For in this lies fulfillment, not in fleeting riches.


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