Dear Youth, I know many atimes you feel incapable and unqualified for the great purpose and the trailing daunting challenges that stare you in the face; so, I decide to send this encouragement your way.

He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things, and the things that are not to nullify things that are. I Cor. 1:28

What does Gideon, Moses, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Paul and Jabez have in common?

They are all biblical examples of people with conspicuous flaws.

Human flaws refer to our inadequacies, limitations, excuses and pegs that hinder us from certain tasks. Such limitations stand boldly as reasons for our disqualification of access into places we desire, so we try our best to comfort ourselves with words such as “if only”.

However, through the scripture, God has shown us His own view of our wish-away fatal flaws and He is still presenting to us His own unique perspective of our flaws. Our flaw is the golden jewel that qualifies us to be chosen, used and blessed by Him.

The lives of these above life-time models before God picked them were cases of extreme failures. Their flaws were out-rightly beyond repair. Moses was a run-away fugitive, Gideon was a coward, Jabez was a man of chronic sorrow and pain, Peter was an exemplary case of doubt and unbelief, Mary Magdalene was a possessed and first class witch and Saul was a programmed antichrist. What a life!

So consider this:

If He can settle for a weak Gideon to save a whole nation; a stammering and run-away murderer, Moses to accomplish what a fluent orator cannot do i.e. restoring a rebellious nation to God; a highly possessed witch, Mary Magdalene to become a divine treasurer; Peter the betrayer to lead the first church; and Paul, a willful antichrist to become the greatest gospel propagator of all times. Then, you should know and be assured that your case isn’t closed. You need to derive joy that your flaws and weaknesses cannot stop God from using you.

Consider the table below:







MosesStammerer, murdererAssuranceModel in leadership
GideonTimid, lack of confidenceRe-assuranceA model in might and valour
JabezExtreme failureAnswered his prayerMore honourable
PeterUnbelief, doubtHoly SpiritBoldness, led the 1st church
Mary MagdaleneWitchCast out 7 demonsGreat gospel promoter
PaulProgrammed antichristRedirection of zealGreatest Apostle

The above is an indication that one cannot comprehend the workings of God. He is a specialist in using one’s downfall for greater upliftment, a doomed situation to bring about an eternal testimony, and no life is too shattered beyond his transforming power. So, how many flaws do you have? Your number of flaws should not discourage you as it qualifies you for God’s choice of a vessel. He doesn’t need perfect or made men, He needs men with flaws, men with extreme weaknesses. He sees their weaknesses and inadequacies as a platform to display his all surpassing strength. He even has to break down our self-made strength and re-build us to fit into his own divine purpose. Our walk with God is a journey not a destination.

So friend, strengthen your feeble knees, guard up your courage and step up with the assurance that you have the Almighty God cheering you on, and never gives up on you. YOU CAN!


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