Dear friend, today we will be sharing together on the topic “Achieving lasting success through diligence”. Let us open up with this:

  • Praying does not replace diligence (1Cor. 15:10), and
  • Diligence to your assignment cannot replace praying.

Diligence is putting all your best effort to your assignment. It is the misunderstanding of the work of diligence in Grace that has made many people to be mentally lazy, because they depend on God’s magical wand for success. Every dream and vision is at the mercy of diligence, luck doesn’t birth success, it is diligence that does.

I have come to realize that everyone wants to be called success, but not everyone wants to pay the price. History is replete of men who have made better our world through diligence; also the bible is a collection of champions who planned their successes ahead of time.

Champions are not made in the ring, they are only recognized there; successful students are not made in the examination halls, they are only manifested there. It is diligence to your destiny that provokes lasting success.

Seeth a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. Prov. 22:29

Any worthwhile dream must inspire you to be diligent, to force you out of comfort zone.

  1. Set out with God (Ps.11:3): The God factor should be the foundation of any worthwhile future. You need to make him a full-time partner of your life, and not a part-time partner who you only consult when the chips are down.
  2. Time in the secret (Luke 5:16; John 15:5): Your time in the secret will determine your strength in the public place. This has to do with all areas of life.
  3. Obedience and faithfulness (Deut. 7:12-13): Success isn’t quantity /volume of work done, it is quality worth, revealed in faithfulness and obedience. You must see yourself as a steward who will give account of all God has given you.
  4. Make your plans plain: (Hab. 2:2) and keep track of your progress. Keep flexible for unexpected change, because not all storms show up in the forecast.
  5. Touch lives (Service to your world): Thinking beyond oneself is a dominant character of achieving lasting success. Men who are committed to adding value to others always live above, they take up responsibilities to become relevant. Possession doesn’t make success, it is contribution that does.

Success isn’t a function of just your faith, it answers to anyone who is willing to pay the price. A man of God once said “Any faith that makes God responsible for all the happenings in your life is an irresponsible faith”. Great concert Pianists invest many hours in practice before their concerts, the crowd hears only the results of their preparation. Success is never a product of luck, but of choice, rooted in obedience (Isaiah 1:19)


Every successful men have in one time or the other been faced with a daunting challenge that almost cloud the possibility of their future; all they did is summed up in what I called “Keeping the Hope alive”. Hope is what makes life worth living amidst the teeming challenges of life. It just doesn’t matter where you are today or the impossibilities that seem to assail you, keep the hope alive.

When a man’s vision is truly from God, it will stretch him beyond his human resources. This is why you need to remain undeterred by any challenge on your way; challenges are common on the path of success. The scripture gives this worthy encouragement:

Being confident of this, that he who has began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil. 1:6

Don’t forget, success doesn’t happen by chance, you have to put up a show-up (diligence) for success.


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  1. “Champions are not made in the ring, they are only recognized there”…

    “Possession doesn’t make success, it is contribution that does”…

    Those two lines caught my attention differently. Of a truth, we can’t talk diligence out of our lives if truly we must attain great heights. May Grace be granted us to be practitioners of diligence in line with God’s call upon our lives in Jesus name.
    Thank you for sharing sir. More Grace.

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