As a maiden, Lydia told me I was becoming a fanatic-in-love. And as a young & single lady, Tara said my obsession was going overboard; but I gave no ears to their claims: I stayed true to my course.

To my shock, I have performed four pregnancy tests within three days; all results returned very positive. It seemed the more I performed the test, the more pregnant I became (the third & forth test reports, emphasized and confirmed my thought because they were written in bold fonts).

As I grew in the reality of my situation, the more the words of Lydia and Tara mocked me.

The thought of how to inform my family and brethren of my pregnancy, and even the condition of the pregnancy, riped me apart — although they all knew I wasn’t promiscuous, however their knowledge of my santity did not justify my chastity.

Most devastating to me was how to convince my fiance, I have never known any man, let alone getting him to wrap his head around the condition of the pregnancy.

He had been working very hard to pay for our marriage rite. We had just few weeks left to tie the knot; and this happened — A Visitor visited me.

I summoned courage, swaddled with hope and faith the Visitor left me the night of his visit, and I told my situation to my fiance, to my family and to all who cared to listen to my tale.

Some claimed to believe my story, but their actions spoke otherwise, others outrightly disbelieved. Lydia and Tara gave me the ‘I told you so pity-look’. I was mocked, shamed and made a bad example within the neighbourhood. However I stayed true to my course and held on to my faith.

But to my surprise, my fiance handled the believability of my story with decorum and maturity. He took me in and proceeded to marry me. He believed me even in the face of unbelief. He wore me a cloak of glory in place of shame; laced my heart with gladness in place of heaviness, and made me a wife rightly bethrothed to.

His love for me made me care less what people think or say, rather helped me to stay true to my faith.


And this is my story:

At dusk on that fateful day, the Visitor came unannounced with a message of hope and elation to human race. I was humbled and flattered to be the one chosen to ‘deliver’ this message. Joy and gladness took the place of fear in me. I didn’t know the propensity of what I was told until it all unravel; because it has never been seen nor heard:
‘that a child be conceived by a virgin..’

But I said to the Visitor “how shalt this be, seeing I know not a man?”

And he left me with the message:
“……For with God nothing shall be impossible”

READ THE WONDER OF THE VIRGIN CONCEPTION IN LUKE 1:26-38. An eternal honour bestowed unto a mortal being, found worthy. It pays to stay true to God.

Now beloved unto us a child was born. Unto us a Saviour was begotten. His name is Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

Oh earth rejoice! Let mortal man hallow the begotten King. He that knew no sin, but took away our sin with His blood. He who became the sacrificial Lamb for our reconciliation to the Father. He is the reason for the season. Celebrate the King of kings. Celebrate the Lamb of God. Celebrate Jesus Christ.

Oh, spread the ‘good tidings of love’ around, wherever man is found — The Comforter has come….

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