Hardtimes are Universal ( Romans 8: 22) . It is not just perculiar to Nigeria, it is a global phenomenon. There are people in developed countries struggling through hard time.

2 Corinthians 11:27 made it clear that a christain at some point in life can be sick, be without child, be broke, be underemployed, be without life partner and can fail in an undertaking.

However, Christ redemption on the Cross provided us with what we need to overcome hardtimes. ( Galatians 1:4)

It is very true that God rewards the righteous and punishes the wicked but there are seasons when both the righteous and wicked go through hardtimes. ( Job 1:1; 13 – 20)

Nobody likes or enjoy hardtimes but most times hardtimes can not be avoided ( 1 Peter 4:12). So , must understand how to navigate through hardtimes.

David was anointed King of Israel @17,
# very quickly became an hero for conquering Goliath
# very quickly became head of military operation
# very quickly married the king’s daughter.
# very quickly things were running smoothly until hardtime came and he spent thirteen years running helter skelter. Maybe be things are running very quickly or perhaps not smoothly for you at the moment, please understand that it’s nothing strange.

However, if you lack wisdom for hardtimes you might want to believe that God has abandoned you or your good dreams can’t come to past again. Hardtimes can make you depressed, unhappy, worried, confused, and conclude that all hell is loose against you.

But please be sure that there is a way of escape (1 Corinthians 10: 13b). The scripture is loaded with inexhaustible wisdom for among others, I will like to share a few and allow you to add to the list :
1. KEEP HOLDING ON , Psalm 37: 24.
2. KEEP HOPE ALIVE, Psalm 37: 25.
3. KEEP PRAYING, Phil 4: 6-7

Every move of God for a turn around always start with the move to pray. Hence, it is folly to abandon the place of your strength when hardtimes come.

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  1. Thank you Sir. This is timely for this season. Our only hope of truimphing in this time and season is to anchor unto Jesus Word in John 16:33.

  2. Thank you Sir. Like Bishop Oyedepo once said, challenges and failing experience are not strange in the covenant race. giving up is what is strange!

  3. Thank you Sir,
    This is re-assuring. Thank you for sharing this vital tip, which is highly needed in this time.
    God has always been too Faithful to fail his Children in times like this.
    He’s an awesome God.

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