Beloved, what God demands from us is simple obedience to His instructions, for the manifestation of our expected turn around.
John 9:1-7, told a story of a blind beggar from birth, whom Jesus Christ opened his eyes by instructing him to GO wash in a pool called Siloam.
Who on earth does that: to instruct a beggar that can’t see to STILL GO and wash his eyes in a pool; when Jesus could have just said “receive your sight”, and it would have been so – considering the fact the beggar can’t see. Simple obedience on the path of the blind beggar brought to pass his aged desire.
What is Jesus Christ telling you?

Is He telling you to ‘walk’, when you feel and see you have no legs?
Is He asking you to give, when you feel and know what you have is not even enough for you alone talk-less of your family?
Is He ordering you to cast your net to the right side of your boat, for a ‘draught’, even when you have toiled all night in all direction?
Is He telling you to do that which has not been done before in your family or lineage?
Whatsoever He tells you to do, do it! This is the divine secret Mary, His mother while here on earth, revealed to us for manifestation of our desired result and the solution to any of our life’s problem.
Please ask HIM today, what is he saying concerning your situation, that you may run with His instructions!

#Beloved, whatsoever He saith to you, do it#

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