We laid bricks last year…
To build strong walls for our kingdom
and with zeal we built and built
but months after months we relaxed, we slowed down, we looked at what others were doing…
They were building castles in their kingdoms
We abandoned the wall and dug foundations for castles
Months after months of laboured building
We sweated, we tired, and we abandoned
Today, the walls are unfinished, and the castles still have no roof.

We cleared our own lands
We prepared seeds for planting
With zeal we made ridges and planted
But days after days we relaxed, we slowed down, we looked at what others were doing…
They were buying and selling cattle
We abandoned our crops, we prepared ranches for cattle
Months after months of rearing cattle
We sweated, we tired, they were stunted, and we abandoned…
Today, our farmlands are full of weed and our cattle are dying of neglect
Only a few made it to adulthood

Many dreams we started… we abandoned
Our kingdom festival; would have been the first of its kind on earth
Our kingdom music; would have travelled around the world
Victory in the war we abandoned would have freed us from our oppressors for life.
Now we live with no income, no protection, in oblivion and under oppression because we looked at what others were doing…
In the name of my kingdom I pledge that today …If the heavens give us another chance, we will finish all we have started, we will press on till the end… never minding what others are doing.

2Cor 8
11 Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.

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  1. Waoooow, you nailed, our lukewarmness, indecisiveness, and our self-effort in this beautiful piece. I read this and my heart became sober, because of what we all could have achieved for our God: only if we have used our talents for His glory; if we have kept alive the fire of our first love; if we have kept alive the fire of our salvation experience; if we have not be living a life of comparison, if and if…. I pray more grace upon you Sir to multiply this talent in your hands in Jesus name.

  2. This is a must read especially to all the youths like me out there…now we have the strength and zeal let us make sure we finish the kingdom work here on earth

  3. Very interesting read….you know your piece captured my meditation of the past week…which is zeal and its menace. i think we need to develop capacity, staying power as we build whatever it is the Lord has committed in our hands rather building stuff because we are zealous. great and educative piece! Kudos

    1. You are very right my brother…. Zeal and capacity must go in the right direction. That was my observation about Apostle Paul. At his conversion, all God had to do was to re-direct his zeal and strength to what is eternally rewarding.

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