WANTED: Christian heroes!


Every time a nation experiences leadership failure, youth restiveness, and political and ethnic crisis, we all clamour for change. Many of such changes have been given different names such as re-branding, re-orientation etc. However, all these are easier said than implemented because we often focus on the large momentary solution that eventually turns to an illusion than a gradual lasting progression.

To experience true national transformation, we need to begin with ourselves. A nation is not defined by its geographical boundary but by its people.

The nation itself does not have hands to wield corruption, fraud or to embezzle government funds, but the citizens that do. This follows that it is only a transformed citizen that can beget a transformed nation. There has never been a time when the world has ever been in dearth supply of true leaders as now.

The bane to our economic, political and religious progress is not structure but true leaders. We only seek public positions to satisfy ourselves. When the perceived right leaders eventually get to the helm of affair, all they do is to compromise. The situation is that bad!

We need to stand to the call of these true leadership vacancies, I stand on the truth that Christians are not saved to stink or to sit aloof of the world problems, but we are saved to salvage our world, to be the light bearers in the darkened world.

The entire world is in gross lack of Christians with character, capacity and compassion. We need men of impeccable Christ-like characters, such as

  • Men of uncompromising integrity and purpose.
  • Men who are given to making news for God and not noise for themselves.
  • Men who understand success to be faithfulness and obedience.
  • Men who will stand and defend the truth in all boldness, not the perverse chicken hearted ones.
  • Men who see political offices as opportunity to serve and not the get-rich quick syndrome men.
  • Responsibility seekers and not portfolio carriers.
  • Builders of the broken walls of the nation, not the selfish, self-centred men.
  • Men of vision, not men driven by ambitions.
  • Men who will choose not to bow to the idols of their world.
  • Men, who are not afraid of the giants guiding their promised land.
  • Men who God still find useable despite their high level of anointing or wealth.

By all these, I mean men who will dare to be the Daniel of our time.

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  1. Bro, I strongly agree with this statement: “The entire world is in gross lack of Christians with character, capacity and compassion”. Where you see one with Character, Capacity is lacking, and when you see one with Capacity, Character is flushed down the drain. Most lacking of these attributes, at this time the world is, is Compassion. And I believe it is the most important of the three, though this is my opinion.
    A large and Compassion heart may God give us all, even as we all build Capacity and Character in Jesus name.

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