When you see some people, you see the power of a perverted and hijacked calling. I pray for you today that you will not be a victim of your career!


You don’t have to drop one for the other, but you have to use one to serve the other. When God brought you into this ministry, he had a plan for your life.


The first thing God does for anyone is to get you saved because no spirit can fulfil God’s call in the state of not being born again. After that, He brings you to church. One major purpose of the church is to show you why you came.


Don’t keep yourself busy or let someone else keep you busy on the earth. Find out why God sent you here. One of the purposes of the Church is to wake you up to what God has sent you here to do.


As much as satan is contending with you laying hold of eternal life ; his mission is to also ensure you don’t fulfil why you came here.


Whether a politician or a businessperson, you must be on a mission for God. Living your life without any recourse to why you came will not bring any glory!


The only legitimate spectators in this kingdom are those in heaven. If you are here, you must be a partaker of the heavenly calling. There must come a day that an officer of the kingdom will say to you, “You are a partaker of the heavenly calling.”


Thereare dimensions of life you cannot enter until you enter into the role of a partaker in the calling. You cannot function in earthly activities alone and enter into the calling. What is your mission on this earth, and why must God keep you alive?

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