Friends, I want to speak today, on those that are VICTIMS OF CAREER, but CARRIERS OF GREAT CALLING. This is the tragedy of many people.


Trying to manage your career and your calling together is like managing two wives. Your career requires almost the same time that your calling requires regarding TOTAL FOCUS, FULL DEVOTION, and SELF DEVELOPMENT.


In most cases, your career brings you money while your calling brings you to God and brings God to you. You will have to be honest about which one is the topmost in your life.


There are different levels of calling people to enter into their destiny journey; LOW LEVEL, MEDIUM LEVEL and HIGH LEVEL. Most people will live and die at the low level, and the devil is satisfied with that.


Apart from coming to church, what are you going to do that will contribute to what God is doing on the earth? You must begin to find where to start to make an impact for God. If Paul lived and died a lawyer, where will the book of Romans and others books that we read today be?

… Extracted and to be continued…

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