This is not the question of who do you put your trust in, because the likely response is not far fetched. Especially for those who believe in God. But is this actually true?

Trust is simply the act of believing, depending or relying on someone or something for a particular thing or help.

Once Trust is ignited, Expectation is an essential by-product of its ‘combustion’. Hence it is vital you check who you put your trust in; because to such an individual or thing, your expectations will be.

There is a wise saying that goes thus: expect less from people to save you from the pain of disappointment — ask Joseph.

And Joseph said to the butler:
“…But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and shew kindness, I pray thee, unto me, and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house…
Yet did not the chief butler remember Joseph, but forgat him…” Genesis 40:12 – 23 KJV

We need to understand that man has limited ability, thus he has high tendency to fail.

Therefore trust God first and foremost. Afterwhich you can then trust God in those that have earned your trust overtime. But let all your expectations be from the Lord.

How then can one’s Trust in God be truly checked?

You need to be wary of that deceitful thought that says ‘yes I trust God’, while your actions literally depicts that of someone looking unto man.

Or that action that says ‘in God I trust to help me’, but you have logically sketched the image of someone you know has what you are trusting God for.

As a result you focus your thought on how God can use him or her to help you. You then further support your logical reasoning with this self justifying statement: ‘na human being God go use to help me na’.

Yes na human being, but let God be the decider of who and how He choose to help you.

You can’t claim to trust God with your mouth and your heart is looking unto man.

Remember your legs are two; you can’t aim to change your physical position by telling the right leg to go forward, and you tell the left one to step backward. If you do so, you will only be ‘kidding’, because you going nowhere.

Your two legs are designed to both walk together towards a common goal: in the same vein must the ‘entirety of you’ focus on God ONLY for help.

Please abandon your analytical and logical reasoning when you trusting God for anything at all. Your reasoning and logic are limited in comprehending the ways and dimensions the Only Wise God operates. [Read Isaiah 55:9]

Finally whatsoever trust that will produce expectations dear to your heart, please keep it in the custody of God — that is where it is safe and certain — while you await its manifestation.

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  1. This struck me “man has limited ability and thus has tendency to fail”……..hmmm ,humans will always be humans,God alone is the ALMIGHTY. Tnx for bringing this up to remind us.