TRUE CHANGE: We can all change our behavior temporarily. We can fool others, and even ourselves that we are doing better, simply by changing our behavior and attitude towards others. But Jesus did not call us to change from the surface, neither did he set out to change behavior, he set out to change hearts. True and lasting change begins from the heart…. No wonder He calls, saying “My son, give me your heart……. Prov. 23:26”

If you have a Boss, subordinate, husband, wife, child, friend, or family member that is never good enough, or hurting, and as a result, hurting others, FIGHT FOR MUCH MORE THAN CHANGED BEHAVIOR. Pray for a changed heart.

To not pray is to silently declare that you have more power over a situation than Jesus does. I don’t care how strong you are, or how much you can nag; YOU CANNOT CHANGE HEARTS! Humble yourself and go to the one who can. You can’t afford not to. Shall we pray!

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