Isaiah 49: 4a
… But I said, ” I have labored in vain, I have SPENT MY STRENGTH for nothing and VANITY” …

I like the way Marrian Webster defines rat race : a strenuous, wearisome and usually competitive activity or rush. Funny enough the present world has transformed abnormality to the trendy system of life. Without a kingdom purpose for living, life could become an endless circle.

Luke 12: 23 made it clear that Life is more than just existing. Life is more than being on a good job, having a loving husband/wife, having handsome/beautiful children, eating and merrying.

God has given each person a measure of grace to make impact, grace to be a contributor and not a concern to those around you. Grace to help others navigate to their purposes. Romans 12: 6-8

Many people don’t like to hear and believe this: until your life is touching others positively, you are not of much relevance to your creator.

Therefore, believe in the person God has designed and wired you to be ( Ephesians 4:1). You need to submit your will to God for His to be clear to you on your kingdom assignment.

Please, understand that no one ever get to the finishing line in the rat race. Whatever height you’ve gotten at the moment has a kingdom purpose attached to it and there lies your satisfaction and fulfilment…

Remain blessed.

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  1. Hmmm…. there is indeed no finish line to this rat race: if only those in power, corridor of power and everyone of us as well, in this rat race (pursuit and amassIng of wealth, etc.), can take a break and remember Ecclesiastes 5:10 that says: that which a man so love, he can never be satisfied amassing it and there is no fulfillment in this (paraphrased); maybe we will worryless and focus more on what is most precious to our Saviour.
    Let me re-echo this statement you made, for us all to meditate on : “until your life is touching others positively, you are not of much relevance to your creator.” God bless you Sir.

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