The Test of our Love and Dependency on God.

Genesis 22:1-14
Daily, our level of growth and dependency on God is put to test by Life and it’s elements of which sometimes we tend to scale through, but the greatest test of all is the one coming directly from God, hmmm…
Abraham has been without a child for years despite his walk and work with God, and finally God gave him one, just one child and this brought laughter to him and his wife. All of a sudden, God called him and instructed him to sacrifice that same source of “Laughter” and “gift” as a burnt offering.

Abraham, a man of Faith Obeyed God trusting him to provide another “Isaac”.

God tested his faith and found him trustworthy.
vs 16: God swore by himself alone to bless him (Abraham). The doors of heaven were opened up to him.
Praise God!!!.

Anytime we are put to test, it always results to our uplifting. The challenge is our ability to “trust” God.

God has never failed his own

May God give us the grace to trust him in all things including his leadership, amen.

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  1. Hmmm… Abraham exemplify love so profund towards God. Sir, a good lesson here is Love is “not love” without the willingness to give our best. And a question to ask from this is: As our walk with God brought us to the point where we can willingly give whatsoever the Lord demand of us; or are we ready to give our best/all to Him?
    Not until we come to the end of self, we have not come to total dependency on God!

    1. Well Said Sir.
      To the “man of Faith” , dependency on God is very easy; to the other man, he sure has to the “end of self”.

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