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Juber was a peasant farmer, the poorest of them that were in the land of Godon. Although he was poorer than a church rat — ‘a contested medal Juber won year-in, year-out’ — yet he was always seen beaming with smiles.

He often stood tall with confidence whenever he needed to air his view. He was known to be well organized and meticulous — if these were currency for riches, Juber would have been the wealthiest in Godon. His notable slogan was: ‘one is only poor if they choose to be’.

On the small plot of land, which Juber inherited from his father — who also inherited it from his grandfather — did Juber managed arable and livestock farming.

People said Juber cherished this small farm land more than ‘a call to kingship’; even though his lineage are never likely to be heir to the throne of Godon.

Adjacent to Juber’s farm was a gold mine spreading across hectares of land, owned by Saromon — the richest man ever to live in Godon. And because of the location of these two ‘sharp contrasting Asset value’, Juber’s co-farmers often joked he was one of the territorial association of Godon’s commercial heart beat.

Juber often thought it flattery, sham and ridiculous — a mockery he never lay to heart. Saromon however regarded it insulting, abasing and humiliating.

And as a result, it was said Saromon had approached Juber quite a number of time to buy-off Juber’s inherited farm land, but Juber had turned his numerous offers down.

Although no one claimed they heard this tale from Juber’s mouth; even when some of his friends asked him, he never confirmed the rumour. Until one fateful day, that Juber’s corpse was found on the outskirt of Saromon’s gold mine.

A ‘beast’ had killed him was the deduction everyone who saw his body said. No one knew what he was doing their at the time or how he got there. There was no voice to plead his case, even when some of his co-farmers consulted renowned Socerers to conjure his spirit for answers, Juber’s ghost answered dumb!

After Juber’s mysterious death, hours turned days, days turned months, months turned years, and the case ceased to pesist in Godon; afterwhich Saromon acquired Juber’s farm land.

Saromon thought to pay respect to the memory of Juber, so he employed Dan, one of Juber’s loyalist, to help him managed the farm. But a day came according to the time of life, while Dan was working on the farm, he stumbled on an Aquarium of Pearl Oysters.

Juber never told anyone he had Pearl Oysters, let alone the gem stones it produces. More surprising to Dan was the Parchment he saw, hidden under the Aquarium.

In the parchment are the words of Juber — written and signed by him. Dan opened it, with anxiety and with the fear of what hid within, he read…….

When the words of Juber in the parchment got out, Saromon had master-minded the death of Juber; not because of insult, nor because of pride, but because of the small Aquarium of Pearl Oysters on Juber’s small farm land — because of covetousness.
Beloved, who is guilty of sin and who is guilty of murder? It is One that looketh upon another man’s possession with contempt: same One is covetous.

Jeremiah 22:17 KJV says:
“But thine eyes and thine heart are not but for thy covetousness, and for to shed innocent blood, and for oppression, and for violence, to do it”.

Remember Ahab and Jezebel. For the sin of covetousness, Naboth was killed! (1 King 21:1-16).

In Luke 12:15 KJV Jesus also said:
“..Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.”

Please watch against covetousness: it’s no different from the sin of murder!

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