SECOND TOUCH (Part 2) – Lessons from Mark 8:22-26

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Here is the most fascinating news about the man’s healing, Jesus went all the way to heal him, and asked him , ‘Do you see anything?’. This means a lot Jesus is not interested in giving us a little better, he is interested in full restoration. For us, a 10% restoration is okay, or much more 80%, but that’s not how our Saviour works, He works to give us complete restoration.

Another thing worthy of note is the Progressive healing: Then, we are also told that this miracle did not appear to be an immediate, 100 percent success. This is the most unusual aspect of this miracle. The first time that Jesus spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, the man obtained some sense of light. He could make out the shapes of men, but they were fearfully distorted. People to him seemed like walking trees. When he looked at them he couldn’t make out their eyes and noses and hair and fingers, just some high moving shapes. It was better than seeing nothing, but it was a long way from good eyesight. Nothing like that happened anywhere else in the gospels.

This story brings life, hope and encouragement, encouraging us never to grow weary when God is working on our restoration, he works to bring us into our full inheritance, and that he will accomplish in his perfect time; it may be slow, but it is sure! Also, it shows us that God is not tired of us calling on him, he is willing to attend to us when we call over and over.

Such as when we bring our family and friends to Jesus in prayer and we say, “Lord, touch them! Change their hearts and minds about themselves and what they are living for. Make them live for truth and for God. Touch them, Lord.” We have good precedent for doing so. This is what this man’s friends pleaded with Jesus to do. We must not grow weary when God’s work seems slow and progress seems invisible.

What does second touch signifies:

  1. Second touch brings perfection.
  2. Second touch signals overflow.
  3. Second touch brings wholeness.
  4. Second touch right all the wrongs.

LESSON: Don’t be discouraged on the road to recovery, on the journey to becoming what God planned for you. It may be blurry right now, but God isn’t finished with you yet. Be grateful for what He has done, but don’t be satisfied with the little-better-off or the hand-me-downs. He promised abundant life, flourishing marriage, blossoming career and He won’t stop half-way, He surely will take you all the way to full restoration. So straighten the feeble legs, don’t grow weary of trusting, don’t get tired of waiting, He who promised is faithful to accomplish His purpose in you.

Once more, He will show up and perfect his good work in you until you’re fully restored.

  1. Lord, recover me. (It is when God recovers you that you can recover all).
  2. Lord connect me with the right people, break me off with the wrong people.
  3. Lord, take my business, life and marriage out of the shackles holding it down from restoration.
  4. Lord work on me where you know I need it most, and in your own way.
  5. Lord, make me a subject of your mercy. (AMEN)

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