Economic cycles have been going on for thousands of years and are actually normal. Economies go up and they go down.

Genesis 41: 54

“The seven years of scarcity, which Joseph had foretold, began to come: and the famine prevailed in the whole world…

At the moment we see companies downsizing, businesses bankrupting and individual facing financial depression.

There is this case of  Fred, he lost his job about 2years ago as a Senior Field Engineer. Chisom his wife happens to be an understanding woman, she automatically took over as the bread winner of the home caring for her husband and their only son.

It was during this global pandemic that the unexpected happened in Fred’s family. The aviation company Chisom works for as an accountant could not keep up with business again and dropped about 60% of their staff.

Chisom’s got her letter of termination of appointment. In devastation, she showed the letter to her Fred and honestly speaking that appears to be the end of the road for them in this season.

I don’t know if it’s seem your journey is tending to the end of the road or you are living in fear that your career journey might come to an end very soon. The truth remains, there is always what to do to go beyond roadblock.

Please, understand that economic depression is not a new age occurrence, but the question is when there is downsizing and job security is gone, what are you suppose to fall back to?

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  1. Father, I receive wisdom to prepare for different financial seasons in my journey in Jesus’ name. Having wisdom is the key. The season comes and goes, no season is permanent. One can not have a permanent summer season, you need autumn, winter, and spring. It takes the gentle whisper from the holy spirit to discern the seasons of life. Help me Lord, that I may hear you loud and clear and know when to sow and invest. Thanks so much, @OluTitus. looking forward to more financial nuggets from you.

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