PARENTS’ CORNER: Parents and Kid’s Homework


One of the major silent issues that bother parents in their children’s up-bringing is the ‘trouble’ of homework. It’s a ‘burdening’ responsibility that many parents wish to avoid, but just cannot be delegated to the ignorant house-help. As a result, many parents do it out of no option.

Really, are they to be blamed? Of a truth, the economic challenges are not helpful. The dawn to dusk toiling, job tasking demand, ever-increasing bills, and challenges that spring up suddenly are just enough pressures to handle. However, the concerns of raising children comes with its joy and challenges; challenges of sacrifice and love. One of such is the support of assisting the children with their homework, and much more, monitoring an unwilling/carefree child to attend to his academics.

From my experience with child upbringing, outlined below are major pointers that can help parents understand their pivotal role where their children’s homework is concerned:
• Understand the Privilege of Parenthood: Parenthood carries a high degree sense of fulfilment; it is even climaxed when you actively contribute to their success. Asides the joy of parenthood, the challenges of attending to the ‘selfish’ interests of the children also breed unspeakable joy.
A child’s performance on homework is usually a reflection of the parent’s time and commitment to their academics.
• Understand the Benefits of Homework: If it matters to your kids’ success, it should be of paramount interest to you. If you’re not convinced that homework matters, it will be even harder to convince your kids.
• Firmness and Love: The reality is that kids don’t like doing homework! After returning from school, there abound many other infinitely more interesting things happening, especially on television. It’s hard to enforce homework, so stop struggling. As a parent, guardian, or other person responsible for getting kids to do homework, caring isn’t about agreement with them on scheduling their own desired time for homework. It’s about understanding and infusing the rest of your approach with that understanding, while remaining prepared to set the boundaries with firmness and love.
• Produces Emotional Confidence and Stability: The assurance of parental support cannot be over-emphasized in the child’s career success. The discipline of having a parent who can go all the way to make him/her excel could be challenging on the child at the beginning, but he would later grow to respect it.
• It creates a Platform for True Bonding: Emotion is played out in parent-child education; working together on a given task brings you closer to your kid’s heart. It doesn’t take time before children learn trust, faith and confidence in their parents through such tasks. This bonding also reveals hidden issues bothering the children; such as: an unapproachable teacher, a bully classmate, classroom anxieties etc.
• Homework reinforces learning taught during the day. Some learning won’t stick as well unless kids give it more practice and the classroom environment isn’t necessarily going to provide adequate time for more practice. Sometimes homework teaches additional skills not taught at school due to lack of time or resources.
• Homework instills self-discipline, and teaches time management: A disciplined and responsible adult is built over-time with simple tasks like homework. As a child keeps growing in an environment of love and constructive discipline, he also grows to self-responsibility, and this in turn guarantees future peace to the parents.

Don’t forget: “If you don’t train them, don’t blame them”

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