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Dave had issues; but he regarded it not! He had issues keeping his trousers above his buttocks, revealing his ‘dirty linen’.
This has been the cause of his frequent ruckus with his Father. His trousers’ affinity to stay below his buttocks was greater than his desire to obey his Father. This explains the reason the former prevailed in him over the later.

He was often seen on the street with other teenage boys, all having their trousers belted below their buttocks — revealing a larger section of their boxers — their style of fashion they called ‘sagging’, but ‘Maturity’ calls youthful exorbitant.

After many days of repeated admonition, Dave’s Father got tired of Dave’s defiance. He made up His mind to teach Dave a lesson. He called Dave to inform him, He will be visiting him in his school, and that He will like to meet all his friends as well.
More so, He told Dave he will be coming dressed-up to impress Dave and his friends; then finally told Dave He will be sagging his newly purchased tight Jean trousers, so as to reveal his dirty multicoloured boxers: since that is what’s en vogue with Dave and friends’ style of fashion.

The boy burst into tears pleading and begging his father not to come dressed like this. Dave knew his friends will eternally make jest of him seeing a Father — his Father, sagging his trousers, revealing his dirty ‘Rainbow boxers’.
Dave cried profusely for mercy, but his Father explained intently what defiance means.
‘It is too late’ was the conclusion of the matter.
Hmmm…What a Father you say?
Friends this story simply paints our frequent behaviour towards God. It also narrates how we are likely to behave if our Saviour plan to pay us a surprise visit, dressed in the regalia of our lustful, wicked, disobedient, and dirty ‘Rainbow Linen’. Only for the LORD to say, He is only coming to help you wash those your ‘dirty rainbow linen’ in front of your friends (that boy or girl you are eyeing), office colleagues, church members, pastors etc. — those vices we kept secret and refused to deal with in our closet.
Will you invite Him to come?
Are there things you are ashamed to be seen or heard doing? Do you always consider if your action hurts others feeling?
REMEMBER the Scripture that says:
All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them, HOW MUCH MORE GOD… Matthew 7:12 [CAPITALIZED Emphasis mine].

Therefore friends, make the below your regular heartfelt prayer to God:
LORD may my mouth not say anything I do not want You to hear. May my eyes not see anything that will grieve Thy Holy Spirit. May my feet not go down the road where thou will not be seen. May my ears never listen to anything dishonouring to Thy Name. May my mind never retain a thought nor an imagination that would quiet the sense of Thy presence and may my heart know no love and cherish no feeling that is not of or from You in Jesus name.

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