Many take the special enabling ability of the HolySpirit that elevate a man as being casual and normal.

… And shalt be turned into another man… 1 Samuel 10: 6

It was this special enabling ability of the HolySpirit called the anointing that turned Saul into another man. The anointing marks the beginning of your journey to relevance.

Saul was an ordinary man until he met Prophet Samuel and he was anointed . The anointing made him a national voice. Conversely, the withdrawal of the anointing reduced him  to an ordinary rich man.

Sad enough in today’s world, many don’t know they are anointed for something pivotal in the agenda of God for mankind and they even lose the anointing without knowing.

And they are gradually relegated to the level of ordinary rich man, who just stay on a good job, buy cars and build house.

Friends, this anointing is the fuel for your flight to the platform of generational impact and relevance. My own cry is God refrain me when I’m about to lose the anointing.

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  1. Lord whatever height I may get to that will make me lose Your anointing and Your presence, please LORD let me not get there! Lead me only where You will take me, and keep me under Your pavilion in Jesus name.

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