“Stone him, burn him, kill him!” were the Mob’s anthem on Haven’s Road: their thirst for blood was intense!

I do not know much about Lemuel, except that he was a devoted and faithful servant of the King. At one time, I have heard people said Lemuel have added foolishness to his service to the King. I never knew what this meant at that time, not until today that I came by the road leading to Haven — the residence of the King.

The noise and shouting coming from the road side was difficult for anyone to ignore even if the individual did not see the crowd that gathered.
“Stone him, burn him, kill him” were the anthem of the mob in unison. The shout from the angry mob was so loud and intense to the extent one will think they hired Band of Brigade for their ‘lynch him’ rendition. I could not resist the ‘harmonic’ of their angry shout. I walked towards the scene to satisfy my curiosity; to see who jungle justice was being unleashed on.

Alas! it was Lemuel. He was already gasping for breath, swimming in the pool of his red thick blood. Compassion gripped me with questions I couldn’t answer:
“What could he have done to warrant such beating? Isn’t he the King’s devoted and faithful servant? Is the King not aware his loyal servant Lemuel is being lynched? Or is it the King that ordered his lynching?”
I could not get anyone in the crowd to provide me answers, they were all ardent and hasty in their act to lynch him — just as a lion thirst for blood.

Fortunately for me I saw a little boy who I guessed was with them right from the beginning of the gory act. He was just watching helplessly with tears flowing down his chin — uncontrollable tears as seen when water burst out of a broken pipe. I went close to him, patted him, stroked his hair and told him to stop crying; with all the softness I can produce in my voice I asked him the question that brought me to the scene.

He answered me while sobbing, “Bro Lemuel was only delivering to the crowd the message the King sent him to declare: the same message the people revolted against the King for”.

This response made other questions I planned to ask totally irrelevant. Even if I wanted to ask any further, the bile of anger and bitterness welled-up in my heart against the King could not make me.
All I could think at that instant was:
Why wouldn’t the King send His guard to protect His devoted servant? Why would He not send help to His faithful servant at this time he is being lynched? Why is He this heartless? why, why and why?

Then suddenly, my thought was abruptly silenced, the crowd’s noise was instantly suffocated, and all horror attacks on Lemuel ceased indefinitely when we all heard him groaned with his last breath:
“YOUR MAJESTY, PLEASE FORGIVE THEM, LAY NOT THIS SIN TO THEIR CHARGE”. And when he has said this he breathe his last. Instantly, the silence on Haven’s road was deafening than the initial noise that called my attention to the scene.

Hmmm… as I decided to walk away from the sobber scene with my lingering anger, someone gently tapped me. I turned to see who: by my side stood the crying little boy. He raised a scroll in his hand for me to read what the content says. I read it, and immediately my anger against the King melted away. I realized I have sinned. Most shocking to me after I finished reading the scroll was:

the crying little boy was no more; he vanished instantly, just as smoke vanishes into thin air. He disappeared. I burst into tears uncontrollably. “My Saviour, my Saviour have mercy on me” I cried.

And the Scroll read thus:
“….[6] And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me”. Matthew 11:2-6 KJV

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. [10] And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another”. Matthew 24:9-10 KJV

Beloved, in your dedication, devotion and faithfulness to serving and seeking the LORD, offences will come; men will hate you, call you names. But take no offense from these, and give no offense likewise. (Check out what 2Corinthians 6:3 says).
Let’s frequently remember Stephen, in Act 7, he never took offence when he was stone to death for declaring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please guard your heart that ye take no offense at the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, neither give no offense. May God help us all in Jesus name. Amen

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