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Spending time with Alice was my desire, else I won’t have agreed to embark on a cruise ship journey with her, across the continental Oceans on Odyssey — a cruise ship Alice claimed engineers had certified to be unsinkable, base on proven engineering facts.

A two months journey to the Island of Eros, that I fantasied would be filled with fun and merriment became an adventure witch-hunted by the demented sea of the continent. An adventure which in my opinion was worse than Sinbad’s experience in the fairy tale ‘Sinbad and the Seven Seas’.

Although I was thalassophobia (fear of sea travel), I succombed to Alice’s persuasion — that was founded on two premises. The first was that ‘a prominent Man, whom she would like me to meet, will be onboard’; and the second was ‘the unsinkable Odyssey myth’.

I was apt to believing the myth, since it provided the excuse I needed to be with Alice, and as well provided succour to my phobia.

We set sail. Our hopes of fun and merriment for the duration of the trip were kindled the first night of our journey, with buffet and exotic wines.

In my little way I had great time chatting with Alice all night long, with hopes of many such night to come. She raised the matter of meeting the prominent Man, but I dodged the matter with flimpsy excuses.

We were just two days ‘journey old’ when the sea brought its torrent and torment — a tempest. Odyssey, the unsinkable ship, steered and battled to stay stealth in the tempest; but the sea demons bullied her, shifted her path way, and caused her to lose compass. The Sea rumbled, Odyssey fumbled, and we all stumbled. We collided with lifeless furniture; collisions that gave birth to spasms of pain.

In the midst of the topsy turvy, I became sea sick. My throat gave way to vomiting. The light in my cabin flicked off & on, and the emergency light flashed on & off Intermitently.

Suddenly the emergency alarm went off. The next I heard via the PA system, was the ‘cracked’ voice of the Captain, in sync with the lightening bursting forth from my cabin window. The moment was a theatrical horrendous scene akin to ‘the end is here, say your last prayer’ scene of a movie, and the message we dreaded to hear came:

“This is your captain speaking, all travellers should quickly proceed to the life boat station, Odyssey is currently being breached. Please take nothing with you and walk stealthly”.

Pandemonium broke out!

I groped my way to the life boat station. There I met multitude of ‘tormented’ faces and distraught personalities like myself — all frightened to disembark Odyssey.

Again I heard the captain screaming at a Lady that was running back inside, scolding her to leave whatever she left inside. The guard onboard tried to hold her back but she managed to slip through.

It was Alice. I was too weak to shout to her: I was outside already. I felt terribly bad. I should be the one going out to look for her and not otherwise.

Just as the life boat was about to be launched, Alice returned with a Man — He was the prominent Man she told me of. He looked unperturbed, and Alice stood just under his silhouette. His shadow masked her countenance.
Their unprecedented appearance caught everyone’s attention, and with greater fury the captain screamed at both Alice and the Man, to fall in line for disembarkment.

Instead of what we all expected, the Man turned towards the boisterous sea and said
“PEACE, BE STILL”. Instantly, profound calmness came upon the sea.

Then He turned to us all and said: “Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” And he said no more, but walked away.

I was awed at the grandeur of what He did, and all I could manage to say was “What manner of Man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

Even more than the torment of the journey, I was alarmed when I heard the Engineers, the Captain and some travellers said one to another as we all find our way back into the ship: ‘What manner of Storm is this that brought Odyssey to a complete halt’.😦

Friends what would you say?
Even after you witnessed a miracle only God can perform — just like the one the travellers on Odyssey witnessed — Would you exhort your challenge more than God? or Do you trust in your knowledge and intellect more than the power of the Most High?

Finally beloved, don’t embark on any life journey without ensuring Jesus Christ is coming along with you. Whether marriage, business, ministry, career, travelling… Any pursuit at all, get the Lord’s approval and ensure He is coming along with you, so you don’t suffer ship wreck.
Read the account of Jesus Christ calming the storm in Mark 4:36-41.

Finally make the statement of Moses in Exodus 33:15 your prayer: “If Thy presence go not with me, carry us(me) not up hence.” (KJV).

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