Dear lady,

You look like what you look at. Before you settle for less, look around and fix your gaze on women who had made history.

On the trail blazers and be inspired. Thread their path while you continue to discover your own uniqueness because success has got principles.

Its not pre-installed in one’s sexuality, thus gender is not a limitation to greatness.

Look at a woman shattering glass ceilings, breaking odds, setting records, making history and making a whole nation proud.

The next in line can be you if you choose to fix your gaze on people of your dream, watch their path, thread their path and blaze your own trail.

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  1. Help me all the way Lord, that I will become the picture of my future in Jesus’ name. That I will evolve into the perfect blueprint with which you created me. Father, help me to achieve the why for my creation in Jesus’ name.

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