According to John 10:10, the devil is a theif with three fundamental and critical mission
1. To steal
2. To kill and
3. To destroy

Therefore, please understand that the devil has power and tactics that he uses to steal answers to prayers, to kill prayer fire and destroy prayer life if you so allow him to operate.

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    1. But Christ came that we will have life and have it abundantly.praiseeeee be to the Lord,Hallelluyah!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yes… Christ was made manifest that we should have life ( be active and triumph in spirit, soul and physically ) , and have it to the full.
    John 10:10b

  2. @Adeolu,
    God bless you for your recent post on Mission 10:10. It’s so pleasing to have Satan exposed Definitely!!
    The devil 😈 always comes with a mirage of solace, only to vacate lives shattered. He’s never a Peace giver, that’s why we should never give him a single space in our lives because he’s never promising.

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