Little girl don’t cry, little girl don’t cry

They have all deserted me you say

All hope is lost; all matters are worse

But girl, you look to the sky and still find the sun as company

Don’t cry…


Little girl don’t cry, little girl don’t cry

There are just crumbs of bread and few grains left you say

No strength in my bones and no milk in my belly

But girl, your nostrils are open and God’s air always available

Don’t cry…


Little girl don’t cry little girl don’t cry

Life is so cruel it took my eyes from me you say

No eye to see, no future for me

But girl, they didn’t take your mind along

The eyes of the mind see deeper than those on the face

Don’t cry…


Dearest little girl,

If friends desert you, if your belly is empty

Even if your eyes are blind, don’t cry…

Look for the sun, find God’s air, treasure your mind

There’s more worth in what you have than in what you’ve lost.

Please don’t cry

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