Many people think of Christian service either as being ‘full-time’ in the church, or as doing a job in the church. These things are important and have their place, but the real ministry is out there in the world. Every calling is a holy calling, not just the calling to be a preacher or a teacher who stands in front of a congregation in the church building on Sundays.


The truth is that not everyone will attend our churches to hear the Goodnews, not everyone will allow us to enter their houses to preach. However, our business communication, our social media platforms and our lifestyle can be the non-negotiable altar to display our wares of love, righteousness and Godly service. Every Christian is saved to salvage the world, the light of Jesus in us is meant to illuminate the world and draw men to the Resurrected Saviour.


The Holy Spirit is bringing a fresh appreciation of ‘market place ministries’ – those called to serve Jesus full-time in their homes, their place of study, or employment. Real ministry is not just doing THE WORK IN THE CHURCH BUT DOING THE WORK OF THE CHURCH IN THE WIDER COMMUNITY. That is where we must act as salt and light and draw people to Christ.


Colin Dye was right to have challenged Christians – “Unless your life is lived for the express purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission, then you have made a ‘great omission’ in your life”.

In this new week, make a conscious choice to shine the light wherever you show up. It’s your calling!

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