Lead the Change


When something is an eye-sour to you, or if it’s an injustice that gets you bitter; never complain that no one is doing something about it. God has deliberately made you uncomfortable with it so you can trust Him to pioneer a change through you. Remember David, he was bitter about Goliath’s pride against the God of Israel, and he volunteered himself to lead the change.
So I say “wherever you see ills, lies your enthroning calling!”
Take it to the Lord in prayer, take the bold step to make a change, and you will see God leading and guiding your back.
You are enough! We are waiting for you!

…..”There is no rule that says God can only deliver by using a big army (1 Sam 14:6B MSG)”

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  1. This is so true Sir. Here is a call for us to resign from the band-wagon, whose thought continually screams ‘who will bell the cat!’. The discomfort or displeasure in us, is stirred up for a purpose. There are others that do not see the situation as unpleasurable.
    “What grieves you is a clue to what you are assigned to heal or restore” — Dr Mike Murdock

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