The day began with wailing all through the land of Tyre; both young and old, male and female of all that was created by God wailed in unison to a single course — the death of Lara.

The dogs were heard barking, the sheep were seen bleeting, the birds screeched and squawked, and the people of Tyre wailed alike; there was none to console the other.

It wasn’t uncommon in Tyre to weep for a deceased, but it was uncommon to wail for a woman without an immediate family of her own.

Lara was without husband nor child, but she was full of good works, and her home was always found full of people she has at one time or the other rendered help to. Tyre was her home and the people of Tyre were her family.

She cared for all, both young and old, without sentiment. Even to the extent of caring for the domestic animals reared in Tyre. She gave cheerfully and her good works ‘knit the fabrics’ of Tyre’s fame.
The fame of her large heart spread faster than wild fire: Heaven and Earth heard of it.
And the people of Tyre would not and did not stop wailing her demise — as though wailing was the price to pay for her return to life.

Perhaps it was on this occasion, because the Judge of the living and the dead couldn’t hold back His compassion towards the wailing and genuine love of the people for Lara *********
Beloved, at the end of your stay here on earth, what will be said of you? Would any good work plead your case before your Creator?

Tabitha never knew her good works would grant her a second attempt at life. (Read her account in Act 9:36 – 41). Neither did Lara knew.
Even if it does not commend them a second life attempt, they left good legacy to be remembered for.

Are you mindful of the legacy you leave? What are you living for and what will you be remembered for?

Friends remember it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this is judgement. Hebrews 9:27

Are you preparing for eternity? Live ready on daily basis!


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