Many years ago, I went to see a good friend, and on getting close to the door of the house (they lived in a room apartment), I overheard his mum praying (on her knees), so I stayed outside to let her finish the prayer. Then I overheard her passionately praying for all her children one after the other in a long chain of prayer. After waiting a while, I got tired of the unending prayer, I decided to leave……then guess what? I heard her mention my name in her prayer, and she prayed earnestly for me. This I later come to realise she does everyday ……Till date, I have not recovered from that joy – that someone in her secret place of prayer daily lifts me up to Jesus.

With this direct experience, I know what sacrifice it is to pray for others especially at one’s closet, when no one is hearing, and where no prayer point is called. To as many people around us who are not living the good life we believe they should, instead of complaining, abusing or giving up on them; give them the best gift they need – Your constant unyielding prayer. Pray, not to see your will done in them, but pray that God’s mercy will have its perfect work in them.

If you have a husband, wife, child, friend, or family member that is never good enough, or hurting, and as a result, hurting others, FIGHT FOR MUCH MORE THAN CHANGED BEHAVIOR. Pray for a changed heart. To not pray is to silently declare that you have more power over a situation than Jesus does. I don’t care how strong you are, or how much you can nag; YOU CANNOT CHANGE HEARTS. Humble yourself and go to the one who can. You can’t afford not to.

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