I choose to remember!

Hello Family,

Welcome to the new week! I am so glad you are alive and well and you are reading this at this very time. Yes, it is a new week. I know this week brings you close to your fears. And it is a question of how am I going to do it? Am I good enough? How do I face them? I don’t have enough money to get this done?

So many questions but I wish I could answer all of them but I can’t, one thing I am so sure of is that our father is faithful. If you could flashback your mind to where He brought you from and if you could also remember that where you are now was once a faraway future that you thought you could never reach, then you will rest and be at peace. Do not let the questions of now pull you into an ungrateful and unjoyful state.

See, you are not alone and we are many. I also have my doubt–like can I do this; like this is too much for me; why am I going through this and why should life be this difficult? One thing that I constantly do and this is the very thing that pulls me out of this state of doubt; I REMEMBER.

I remember where I am coming from, I remember what my life was 5-10 years ago. I remember that this was not my plan but His plan. I remember He brought me here, He is able to help me through and it will all end in His glory. Hallelujah! You know sometimes, doubt and worry are a result of a loop of thoughts focused on your inabilities and inadequacies without any form of trust in God and no step of action from you to do something about it.

Philippians 4 vs 6-7 says;

Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ.

This is the recipe family, pray and tell him about every detail about the situation and you will experience the peace that you cannot explain. I know the devil will come back to remind you about the issue again, then tell him that your father got you and He will sort you out in Jesus name.

I encourage you today, to have confidence in your father and to be full of hope for this new week, for I am very sure that by the end of the week, you will look back and say Father thank you!

From your sister-in-Christ,


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