He is Risen!


In what it seems like an initial defeat, devil and his cohorts were celebrating seeing the end of Jesus nailed and dead on Calvary tree. They never knew!
They never knew that in His death lies the power to the salvation of billion others, they never knew that in death he was building his Kingdom with power and glory; they never knew that His death marks the end of fear of grave, takes the keys of hades and destroy death itself. They never knew that the King of Glory is rising to greater Glory to live forever and give us the same right. Indeed, death ain’t a big deal!
The cross could not mark his end, ceased breathe didn’t mark his end, the grave could not hold him, the tomb could not stop his resurrection! Alas, the King is risen, the tomb is empty, the veil is torn open, our salvation and eternal reign with Him is guaranteed. #HALLELUJAH!

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