Gratitude and Worship


So the saying “when praises go up blessings come down”

Like the preacher or moderator of a praise concert will say: when praises go up, A loud echo from the congregation: blessings come down.

This is a trending phrase that has been in use for ages and up till today. I am not here to validate the saying as a Biblical quote or phrase but simply to talk about the common usage.

Maybe you have a different view about the usage of this phrase;  but we can agree that this phrase is commonly used to charge people to praise God.

“When praise go up, blessings come down” Just like an old thought, to attract God’s blessing i must give Him praise, it could be further explained as your volume of praise determines your volume of blessing.

In our world and time where motivation, persuasion, stimulation or even coercion are vital tools used on people to make them do things they may not be willing to do, both in the sacred and secular settings.

A simple simulation is done when the phrase is used to charge up people, most especially when its a condition to get blessed. I am not here to dwell on the vanity of materialism but when are we going to start praising God unconditionally? When are we going to praise without expecting to get blessed in return?

It may not be erroneous to say “praise God and get blessed” it is statement of fact. Psalm 22:3 and other scriptures confirm that. We need to be unconditional in offering our praises to God.

Gratitude is thanking God for things He has done and not minding the things He is yet to do i.e. thanking God for what you have irrespective of what you do not have.

Worship is simply a show of reverence to God, for who He is, for His powers, greatness etc.

Praising God to get blessed is good, Gratitude is better, but Worship is the best!

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  1. Worship is best! True worship is a lifestyle even, flavoured in our words, actions and everyday doings.

    Indeed, It is easy to thank God when He blesses us. However, I love that this call is for us to grow into a higher level of maturity, such that regardless of the circumstance and without much persuasion, we can like the Psalmist say, I will bless the Lord at all times!

    1. Hmmm…. I can’t agree more than you have said, that our worshipping God should not be conditional; just as we are charged to give thanks in all things. Perhaps if we all get to examine if our motive for worshiping God is not tied solely to what we will receive from God, but founded on our love for Him regardless, we might qualify as a true worshipper before God. Then all of God’s best, without we asking or lobbying via worship, will He give to us. Like @deborah said until we attain spiritual maturity, we might still be coarse or persuaded to worship God with the ‘get blessed’ phrase.
      Please Lord make me one who wants and worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Make praise look good on me LORD!

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