GOD – The Adamant Cheerleader


But thanks be to God, who always leads (cheers) us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.  2 Cor. 2:14

How supportive could the Nigerian football fans club be! Especially with their unrelenting beating of drums, dancing, singing, among others, all in a bid to provide emotional and psychological support to their team. Even when victory isn’t sure, they keep supporting, believing it’s not over until the final whistle is blown. This undying spirit has paid off positively in several cases. I remember vividly the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when the Nigerian team had to play against the ‘invincible’ Brazilian team in the semi-final of the men’s soccer match.

Before the match, all speculations, history, quality of players and facts all pointed to the victory of the Brazilian team against the Nigerian dream team. Even the players were already trepidated and jittery; they were already being congratulated for getting as far as the semi-final, which was considered enough success. Nobody gave them any chance to advance further!

However as the match progressed, it wasn’t surprising to see the Nigerian team being down by 2 goals to nil, but quite surprising was the supporters club beaming with hope as usual, drumming, singing and cheering the team inspite of the seeming lost game. The team, however, equalised from 3 – 1 down to win the highly contested match by a golden goal in a 3-4 victory. The team went all the way into the final to win the Olympic gold in soccer, thus becoming the first African team to achieve such feat. What  history!

There is one person who has been cheering you on even before you were born – right from when your seed had to compete with millions of others to fertilize just one single egg. Many have asked him for help once they’ve failed, using and dumping him after they experience their desired success only to turn around later to complain bitterly of his absence in their newly emerging troubles. Few remember to thank him once they’ve succeeded. People don’t seem to understand that God wants to be of help and encourage us all along the journey instead of being relegated to being just a part-time partner who is only good to be called upon when trouble looms.

He has deliberately chosen to stick closer than a brother, always with you and for you, helping you in ways you don’t recognize. Cast your mind back to when that little help came from nowhere and turned your breakdown to breakthrough as well as the extra courage and unexpected strength that made you stand in the thick of the wilderness. Where do they come from?

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