Really? do we have to do this. I am sorry this is very needful to achieving and fulfilling purpose. The early we do this, the quicker we are able to shed away besetting weight.

Please don’t mis-interpret the intentions behind this message, and don’t make this piece a friend witching-hunting tool. Your friend is not the root cause of your problem, neither is he(she) behind your challenge should you are going through a tough time.

Remember Jonadab, he wasn’t the cause of Amnon’s woe. Amnon was the cause of his own woe, immediately he yielded to Jonadab’s advice. [Read this account in 2Samuel 13]

You are the determinant of the circumstances and outcome of your life, base on the decisions and choices you make. You are not to be in any competition with anyone, let alone a friend.

Don’t get into achievement competition or comparison with anyone; the fabrics of life are not wielded for competition. Friendship based on competition — which might inadvertently become rivalry — isn’t healthy for anyone who wants to achieve dreams and purpose.

Yes there is room for healthy competition, especially in education and never beyond the shore of this course. But be mindful; there exist a thin line between productive and destructive competition. Watch it!

Friends are not to make you feel less of yourself, neither are they to pressure you to ‘go overboard’ in order to catch up or meet their societal status.

Remember a friend should love at all times(Proverbs 17:17), and not when the ride is smooth alone. Moreover, whatsoever you allow in your life, you become: evil communication corrupts good manners. 1Corinthians 15:33

Finally before you perform a friend check, check yourself first if you not wanting in that undesirable trait you spot in your friend.

Please take note of this:
Don’t be alarmed and don’t get judgemental at old friends’ indifference towards you. ‘Twenty friends can’t remain friends for twenty years’.

Why? Because life happens, and it often unveils dreams & purpose to every individual over the course of time; and these dreams and purpose always differ per person.

Please run your personal race according to your time schedule planner written by God.

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