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  • Olusegun Oyetunde

    October 2, 2020 at 12:57

    Friends, I actually want to hear the opinion of everyone of us as regards this question I was asked in Houston in 2018 by an Atheist and feminist young lady.

    I have also encountered some agnostics, skeptics, deist asking relative questions.

    Questions like;

    – Why are you a Christian? Note; she told me never to say because I was born into Christianity, I must not talk about what bible says because she does not believe in it, I must not say I saw a vision or heard a voice or spirit spoke to me about being a christian but rather


    -Another one was if you say there is God; is God a He or a she?

    Note that this lady is a feminist.

    I just want to hear opinion of everyone concerning this…

  • Iwayemi Olanorin

    October 3, 2020 at 12:49

    Let me start by saying, to me Christianity is not a religion, rather it is a way of living. It’s my culture, my life-style. So being a Christian is my lifestyle! Just like a mentee tends to mimic his/her mentor; like a son imitates his father; like a daughter takes after her mother, and like a child looks unto his or her parents: so also I imitate, live and act like my Mentor, Friend, Father — the person of Jesus Christ.

    Having established this, to answer the question “Why did I choose to be a Christian?”

    I believe life is all about making choices. Every individual makes choices base on what they perceive to be good for them. Even if their decision is made out of ignorance, it is their choice to live with, and it takes grace to make them see the error in their choice. However it is still theirs to make and face the consequence.

    So likewise I choose to be a Christian because it offers me a good life and eternal bliss.

    For the other question, I will only say it is an unlearned one, and it only causes gender strife. God is a Spirit!

    Thanks bro for sharing this information. I believe other senior members will clarify every gray area I did not touch.

  • Ifeanyi Kalu

    October 4, 2020 at 15:19

    To me, our brother Iwayemi did justice to the first question. Nothing to add😊.

    Would just want to respond to the second. It’s just a concise one.
    God is a spirit and spirits are not humans that are either a he or a she or whatever. Spirit beings are ‘sexless’ (i.e., genderless). In like manner, God being a spirit, is neither a male or a female but all of the above. He created us in His image and likeness according to the bible (if you wish to quote: Gen. 1:26-28), which clearly stipulates that he made us as humans, both male and female. So God in a null shell doesn’t belong to any particular gender. This is why He is God and not human!

  • Ayopo Kudayisi

    October 6, 2020 at 09:28

    Let us look at this from the angle of the conscience _ The Law of Conscience

    Man has a judge inside him (conscience) which measures him against a standard he never attains. The fact that every man’s conscience identifies good and bad all the time means that there is a law giver who never changes. This man is white or black or Caucasian or arab, etc. That being is God and he created every man. The best of us try in our power to satisfy this conscience but we always fall short, sometimes we do things we ourselves would condemn. The only thing in this world that can change the most corrupt of men from within to become a new person who can practise the law of the conscience as though he had never violated it is the power of the cross of Jesus Christ (at the foundation of Christianity). (For instance, I was a charming and good-looking BAD man until I met Jesus). Nothing else even gets close to promising that (the change of heart). This makes Christianity unique and it is the only way to please the law giver.

    To the second question... God created all humans in His image and He is the perfect judge of all. He is both male and female else he can not judge perfectly. If He is only male, how would he judge a female? How can He care for a female? If He is only female how can He understand a male? All the wonderful qualities in male and female are present in God. He provides for His household, He loves His children and watches over them. He wouldn’t sleep, wouldn’t slumber for their sake. He keeps them in His territory and defends them etc etc.

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