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  • Bukie Shokunbi

    April 1, 2021 at 14:24

    Please I saw a post in a gigantic Christian group and 99.9% comments said the subject is a sinner against God and her faith. Please what’s your opinion?. I personally dont see it as sin. Educate me please.
    *IS IT A SIN?*
    Christian sister got pregnant and the Church decided to discipline her since she was not married.

    When the elders of the Church met and interviewed her, she told them that she has stayed and remained in the Church for several years and no one is marrying her and she is approaching the age of menopause where she can’t get pregnant even if married.

    So after reading some Christian medical journals on this issues, she decided and did artificial insemination since she too wants a child. She tendered both the medical journals and the medical documents that showed that she has done the artificial insemination from a reputable hospital.

    The Sister is pregnant without committing fornication nor adultery with any man.


    Kindly give your reasons for your answer and if possible back it with Scripture, so that we can learn. You may wish to send to other Christian group and see their position on the matter.
    What’s your position?

  • Adedamola Komolafe

    April 2, 2021 at 09:37

    I dont see this as a sin, nowadays science and technology as taken shape in this century. This enables us to do a lot of things… looking at this aspect, well she might have tried to help God in her own way, likewise Sarah when she discovered that she couldn’t give birth she said Abraham and her housemaid to help, in this scenario her faith might have been shaken but all the same since there is no form of sex… she didnt commit any sin.

  • Olusegun Oyetunde

    April 2, 2021 at 11:34

    Sincerely with all Humility most Christians don’t know what exactly is a sin.

    As a matter of fact, sins from your thoughts; mind, hearts are so hidden and heavy dat LITTLE FOXES that spoil the vines rest there…

    Thinking abt that unnatural means of conception should not be heard amongst the children of God…

    Unfortunately this generation Christians are so funny in understanding what is sin…


    Going for that option of conception is lack of ABSOLUTE TRUST AND CONFIDENCE IN GOD…


    The scripture tells us COME OUT FROM AMONGST THEM

    My question now is, if the lady give birth to the child WHO WILL BE THE FATHER, DO THEY MAKE UP A FAMILY TOGETHER AS COUPLE?

    What is God’s purpose for family?

    Why did God make man n woman come together to have children the way of the Godly.

    NOTE THAT the heathen have their own ways too although it looks so NORMAL but BE WARE…

    Once your heart, mind or spirit is polluted then IT IS A SIN

    The Lord Jesus said what goes out of your heart n mind causes SIN…

    There are 7 Gateways dat will be used to Judge everyone by the 7 Spirit of God… Each of the 7 Lampstand will expose all sins from each of the Gate

    The Gateways are below;

    1. Eye Gateway

    2. Ear Gateway

    3. Mouth Gateway

    4. Hand Gateway

    5. Leg Gateway

    6. Soul Gateway

    7. Heart Gateway

    Looking at all these gateways thru which all mankind would be Judged do you think this act of the sister is Justified?

    Romans 2:15 tells us that our hearts n thoughts shall be judged.

    When all these sins are confessed the flame from the 7 Lampstand will cleanse one of those sins, nonetheless for this kind of artificial conception I’M SURE IT’S MUCH MORE things to be considered.

    Revelation 21:8 says an unbelieving and the fearful shall have their part in the lake of fire…

    … To be continued

  • Ifeanyi Kalu

    April 2, 2021 at 16:17

    We must be careful first of all not to assume nor take the place of God in stating what is sin and not (in a very controversial matter like this one), leading to condemning or approving the person. The clear definition of sin I see in the bible, especially as pertaineth to us of the new covenant order is in James 4:17, which clearly states to him who know not what to do and doeth it not, to him is a sin!

    It is in the above light, I would simply say that anyone sins when they outrightly disobey what God has commanded them to do. In other words, we would be judged on an individual basis – Rom 14:12 . To buttress that, we will be judged based on the word/command/instruction revealed unto us personally. This is to say, God’s judgement isn’t just a blanket one. It will be on a case by case basis. This is why Rom. 14:3 clearly says who are thou to judge another man servant. To his master, he stands or falls! We should also note that Acts 17:30 even says in the times of ignorance (when the word/instruction/command is not yet revealed to the person), God overlooks. Hence, please we should all be careful not to throw a blanket judgement on this woman. Don’t be surprised, you will just be on your own condemning her when God isn’t peturbed by her action.

    Someone here typed in capital letters that her action was a lack of faith or absolute trust in God. How do you know sir? What is faith to you sir? Faith is simply believing God’s word to you. Do you even know if God spoke to her to go that path. You don’t even know the word or command or instruction she got. You don’t know anything that was revealed to her, so please hold your peace.

    You are condemning her for going the medical way…how many of us take drugs or medications that are artificially made! For someone who might have had an accident, would you refuse an implant if given to replace your broken hip or leg? Ohhh is it because this one has to do with a baby, you are now condemning her.

    Let me shock you brethren, did any of you ever read that God condemned Abraham for sleeping with the maid? Why didn’t that act abolish Abraham as a man of faith. In fact, upon all he did, Rom 4:18-21 declared Abraham has a man who didn’t waver in His faith but was strong, giving glory to God because He was fully persuaded of God’s promise to Him. Now, it is only us that will condemn Abraham act whereas God was quiet about it.

    My conclusion on this matter would be, I would only adjudge what she has done to be a sin if she was told by God not to do it but wait on him for the baby to come the natural way, then it would be sin because it wasn’t done in faith. Rom 14:22-23 is my concluding scripture. Pls read it. Sorry I couldn’t type it here bcs of my device incapibility. It simply says if you have faith, have it to yourself and don’t condemn your brother who doesn’t. The most important thing is that the person who chooses to do things differently from how other does it must not do it in doubt but faith. I can choose to believe God to deliver through surgery (another artificial means) while another chooses to deliver through the natural way…none of us has sinned. It’s only what we have chosen to believe God for that differentiates us. Same applies to those who choose to take medication pils and others who don’t. Please brethren, let stop all these condemnation acts. It backfires on the Church when we should be caring for one another. Please read the book: Final Quest by Rick Joyner and you would see the ill we are doing against us as His Church. May the Lord help us all!!!

  • Olatunde Babawale

    April 2, 2021 at 18:40

    I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

    Yes, it is a sin.

    Truly, she didn’t commit the sin of fornication or adultery.

    However, according to Romans 14:23. Her actions were inspired by a lack of faith in God to give her, not only a husband, but also a child, or many children, even in menopause.

    Finally, do not confuse calling out someone’s sin to mean the same as “judging” the person. As Romans 14:4 said, God is able to absolve His servants of any wrongdoing and make them stand. It doesn’t mean that the servant didn’t do wrong.

  • Olusegun Oyetunde

    April 2, 2021 at 20:53

    I will like to say here that I am not saying what her judgement would be…

    I would like to make some comments on your response Mr IFEANYI

    James 4:17 is not the only sin in the scripture… I don’t know abt what people say that they are Christian of New Covenant or old covenant.

    It’s just like saying ALL THAT THE LORD JESUS said sins and all teaching abt Lust is NOT a sin

    So in the New Covenant order like u said, only James 4:17 is wat you see as a Sin????

    We pick what is suitable for us and discard those which are not.

    It’s just like saying what Medical did A MAN GAVE BIRTH USING THE PENIS is not a sin also… Bcos it’s medical way

    Because we can classify ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION, SURROGACY AND MAN PREGNANCY as same thing… Are you saying these are GOD’S WILL???

    I’m hearing New Things sincerely.

    Mind you all these examples you gave ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM what the sister did.

    It is well. I don’t have anything to say again.

    Mimd you no one is judging or blaming anyone but we can actually debunk, rebuke, reprove and correct for others to take Godly instructions…

    God Bless you

  • Shwarplang Zechariah

    April 2, 2021 at 22:40

    Hello everyone,

    First of… this is not a controversial issue at all in my opinion because the word of God stands and everything else is a lie. So we calling anything controversial within the space of the word of God is a subtle attempt to blur the lines.

    Truth is…these are the last days and the lines are getting blurred the more..question is did the lady in question ever read the Bible? Did she ever read about Sarah, Elizabeth and their likes? Menopause is a capping for people who live by the order of the flesh WITHOUT leaving the opening for the intervention of the supernatural (celestial).

    So please help me.. in this narrative, is sin here fornication alone? If that’s how we looked at the story then we ourselves have to check ou knowledge of God… because for a person I decide I o go by her own liking and do a thing and use scripture to defend it in itself is a sin.. scripture says as many that are led of the spirit they are the sons of God..i red a comment that said are we sure whether or not the Holy Ghost asked her to do it? It cannot be Him please..the Holy Ghost doesn’t topple His principle!! Not for anyone.. lastly, who now becomes the Father of the child? In that the child must have a covering? We can’t be serious if we try to say how about orphans and people who have lost their parents… the lady was very wrong and infact let’s watch out for this kinda of sins… sins that have legalities backing them…

    My humble opinion, love you guys

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