Dear friend, I hope you are well. In the next five weeks, we will be having a 5-fold series to discuss 5 core factors that could impede your success journey if not understood and managed. I believe you will be blessed. We will kick off today as we look into one of them called “EXCUSES”.

An excuse is a reason stuffed up in a lie – Joyce Meyer

I’ve come up with a definition of excuse and what it does. Excuses don’t build us; they congratulate us for our deliberate flaws without revealing the true picture to us”. Excuses hide our strength and potentials; it is highly potent in paralysing our initiatives and stifling the mind’s productivity, thereby hindering further breakthrough. When a man chooses to settle for bail-able reasons, he becomes confined in inadequacy.

Making up excuses for not taking up our responsibilities succeeds in excusing us from success.

A major distinguishing trait of a life of excuse is that it focuses only on the immediate circumstance and environment, only seeking present ability that might unknowingly disable him in the future. If you see a man tied to only his immediate comfort, then I’m afraid, there is no future for such.

Thus, you really have no excuse for not being the best, no excuse for not birthing your dreams. Refuse to settle for excuses and choose to accept responsibilities. It is by accepting fault and taking up responsibilities, no matter the ill-feeling, that we can begin to walk up into fulfilment.

In the early 20th century (1902 to be precise), the Scientists of the world all came together and agreed that it is impossible for a metal to fly in the air, tendering a scientific law as an excuse to back up the impossibility. The whole world then went to sleep, accepting the limitation. Thank God, however, for the Wright brothers who refused to accept such an excuse for something that will have great benefit if achieved. Therefore, in 1903, driven by responsibility and courage, they broke the “justified excuse”.

When you begin to be a negative master user of the word ‘because’, you will never come to light of what you can do or who you can become because there will always be a reason you believe is strong enough to stop you.

Making untenable excuses often come as a result of not wanting to accept responsibility for our actions and its trailing consequences. Taking responsibility for whatever situation we find ourselves does not only build but also put us in full charge of our life.

Accepting responsibility is revealed when we:

– Accept and acknowledge what we’re responsible for: our life

– Acknowledge that we are responsible to God, and

– Acting responsibly all the times.

May you find Grace to overcome the limiting force of excuse, and receive strength to take up responsibilities in your journey.



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