Sheila, an independent business mogul in her right — having built her business empire without a dime from her husband — was in her kitchen that evening when Cynthia, one of her maids, came rushing unto her panting as a Deer pants for the waterbrook.

“Oga has done it again oo” was the first sentence she muttered with a dose of timidity and panic.

“What has my Husband done again this time? This man will not kill me!” Sheila answered with a demeanour of concern and worry.
Sheila’s husband: even though very rich, has attracted enemies more than friends. He has ‘bought’ more troubles with his riches for his household than comfort. He was a hard man delighting to reap where he didn’t sow, and to gather where he has not contributed.

He was a regular amidst the ‘pink & purple husband-snatchers-but-never-keepers’ of the town. However on this particular occasion, this was not the case.
“A group of angry mobs have gathered in front of Oga’s company building, fetching fuel to burn down Oga’s business.” Cynthia said.

“They said he is oweing them a huge sum of money for the services they rendered for him more than two years ago, and he has recently told them he won’t pay because of the rift he had with one of them”. Cynthia concluded with some flow of sweat down her chin.

Without asking any further, Sheila dressed up, got into her car and hurried to the said building that was about to be set ablaze.

That evening Sheila set a lasting precedence in the heart of all that knew her and also in the heart of those that heard about what she did:

She paid off all that were affected by her husband’s heartlessness their due cash, all from her pocket of good will, and also capped it with apologetic plead of forgiveness.

Even though the trouble, brewed by her husband does not directly affect her business nor personal life, Sheila decided to save the day for her irresponsible husband just before the mob set ablaze his priced possession.
One will then ask, why did she decide to do this?
I believe the same can be asked of Abigail, why she decided to save Nabal from the wroth of David (Read this account in 1Samuel 25).

Why these women do what they did will perhaps linger till we know the reason the Virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31 do what she does. Verse 12 KJV says:
“She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life”.

Beloved, women like Abigail are still existing in this time and season; but their price is far above rubies.

Once you find one, keep her, cherish her and never let her go; because she is a unique gift from God.

I have found mine already!

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