Your character is that trait you wear as fragrance. It’s that odour or scent that distinguishes you amidst men. Whatever the smell is what you make of it.

Your character is next to the real you. This is what often finds you out when you think you are hidden.

You are often described by your character second to your look. Once the description of your look does not convey the message, your character is called to speak.

Therefore, wisdom requires we check our character towards all things, because a good name is better than riches. Proverbs 22:1, Ecclesiastes 7:1.

Check your disposition towards food — this robbed Esau of his birth entitlement. Check your character towards people of all class, age group and societal status — Abraham entertained Angel without knowing it; and Jerusalem missed the visitation of her long awaited Saviour, Jesus Christ, while looking for another.

Check your character towards people of faith different from yours, you might be a reason a brother/sister get saved.

Check your disposition towards antagonists, they might just be helping you build resilience and strength. If Christ, the Saviour of the world, could have antagonist, who then can’t?

Check your character often to ensure you lead a life of honest report, blameless first before God the righteous Judge, who has called us unto perfection.

Therefore be an example of the disciples of Christ in disposition and in act. Please make ‘what will Jesus do’ in any circumstance you find yourself your motto

Friends, are you aware good character is one of the hallmark of a true leader. This is one of the Kingdom yardstick for choosing leaders after the mind of God. [Read Act 6:3-5 & Daniel 6: 1-5]

Henceforth, consciously wear a fragrance of sweet odour, that which will allures men to you.

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