Grace is beautiful and all merciful. It comes unconditionally, it exemplifies the entirety of Jesus. It saved the willful sinner and the prodigal son, it writes off their past and makes their future possible. Grace is not just about qualifying the unqualified, it’s worth more than the testimony of unexpected promotion and tangible blessings of wealth. Equating the hard-earned blood purchased Grace with wealth and other materialism is rubbishing the works of Calvary. We tend to suffer from domesticated Grace of materialism and having our greed met by “Grace”.
Grace is not always safe, it’s not always the sweet by and by of a “Good” God. Grace isn’t safe! It’ll wreck your world. Grace assaults and grace subverts. Grace is not a promise of a trouble-free life. Grace is not a magical wand, neither is it a lottery where you give one, and expect a million. Grace can open the eyes of a sinner and leave a holy one blind for life. Grace can have mercy on a Prostitute, and condemn a Prophet. So illogical that it leaves the obedient ninety-nine in search of the delinquent lost one.

Let us pick the works of Grace from the life of Apostle Paul, a man who amplifies the amazing nature of Grace. He never had it sweet and beautiful with Grace. Grace picked up the programmed antichrist (Saul), and redirected his zeal to proclaim the love of the extravagant Grace he once abused. As Ray Hollenbach once puts it, Grace grabbed him and knocked him off his ass. It rendered him blind, healed him three days later and welcomed him to a new life of suffering. Grace put him in danger time and again: shipwrecked three times or more, beaten with rods and sticks, stoned and left for dead. In all, Grace used him like a ragdoll, he was used to overthrow an empire and saved us all—even him, the foremost of sinners. Grace wasn’t fair to him!

Grace does not give us what we want, it seeks to provide our needs in light of our purpose. Grace is never logical, it never comes to meet our selfish and human imaginations. We want a deliverer; God sends a “weak” son of a carpenter. We want to see power and glory; God sends grace and truth. We want a king; God sends a Servant. We expect a Saviour from the Palace, but he came through the lowly Manager in a town where nothing good ever came from. Grace rules the world without title or rank. Grace has legions at his command, and never once calls for their aid.

Grace is a friend to the prisoner, it clothed the naked, care for the needy. Grace is clothed in love, it is benevolent. Grace never condemns, yet somehow commands us to go and sin no more. Grace supplies our deepest need of Salvation. Grace likes you the way you are but loves you too far to leave you the way you are. It never gives up until He sees himself in you. Grace is beautiful, Grace is my Saviour, Grace is me, Grace is Jesus!!!

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  1. Im happy Grace found me…….where would I be without your graceLord?Thank you Lord for this unmerited favour……..I need more grace Lord to carry through.

  2. What gives me the most hope every day is God’s grace; knowing that his grace is going to give me strength for whatever I face, knowing that nothing is a surprise to God.

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