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Just the other day, I passed by our Father’s house and I could not hold back my tears. Our Father’s house lay desolate, and no one considered it: As an abandoned project in the desert, so lay the ruin of its foundation.

Wanderers have made it their home. Robbers have made it their hide-out. And Scavengers have made it their barn & store house.

I sought my friends and family saying, “join me let’s build our Father’s house”. They mocked and laugh me to scorn.
They said “it is a waste of time. Moreover, why do you make it your headache to build it; it is a long forgotten project”.

I sought strangers to join me to build our Father’s house. They said they knew Him not.

I sat and wept. I mourned for certain days, fasting. I went to the King to grant me His approval to build and put together the broken walls. He gave me His seal to proceed, and His resources He gave me to help me triumph.

Instantly I set out to build. I laid blocks and bricks day and night, and I set flood light round about it to keep enemies away. Yet the work was opposed, and it suffered sabotage repeatedly.

I persisted daily against opposition and against all evil plots. At long last, the Builder of all things completed the building of His Kingdom walls. And He instructed us to occupy: that we should call unto others to occupy with us till He returns, so that His rebuilt Kingdom doesn’t relapse into its initial ruin.

I went out to the streets. I called unto family, friends and strangers to come, to eat and to sup from the abundance of the Father’s riches; and to occupy with me till our Father returns.

But they answered me not because of their pride. Instead they said “we have of our own houses to occupy. Leave us alone, we will build our own kingdom for the Father”.


Beloved, the Lord is still calling on you today to build the ‘breached and broken walls’ of His Kingdom just like Nehemiah (Nehemiah Chapter 1-7).

He is still committing to your trust, gifts, resources and talents for the advancement of His Kingdom; and He is saying to you, ‘occupy till I come’. (Luke 19:12-15)

The question to you my friend is:
Are you among the builders of the broken walls, or you are among those unperturbed by its desolation?
Perhaps you are an enemy of its advancement. Do well to repent, because you can’t kick against a rock.

Finally are you occupying till the Lord comes, with the gifts, resources and talents entrusted to you?

Today is not too late to start.

‘O Lord, let thy Kingdom come!’ — Make this your prayer and your lifestyle.

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