I was there when David killed Goliath. Just like yesterday, the fierce battle ensued.

Before the showdown, Goliath cursed and made jest of us and of our God. When he roared, we all took cover. He was indeed a torment to Israel. His shield was even lankier than his bearer. To fight him was an unfair contest.

There was none among us the King’s battalion ready to face the fierce giant; not even King Saul himself. We thought to our self, facing him(Goliath) was an intentional death sentence.

Moreover, we quietly said among oursleves, let the king who occupied the highest position among the soldiers, take the challenge. Wasn’t he a more qualify veteran soldier than any of us in Israel? We quizzed one another.

It was in the heat of what to do this young and ruddy boy David came to deliver food to his elder brothers in the battalion. There was something different about the boy aside his exuberance among the teenagers within his age group in Israel. He spoke with boldness and authority, yet with the right mix of respect and decorum.

We all thought the rumour of David opting to face Goliath was a joke of a life time, not until we saw the boy hastening towards Goliath with a sling and stone, shouting at the top of his voice “the battle is the LORD’S”. He ran with the urgency of a hunter — who had fired his first shot of bullet at his prey, and then launched himself to catch the prey before it could recover from the spasm.

Goliath rant furiously seeing David ran towards him. He considered Israel’s chosen challenger as insulting and contemptuous — a boy without armour, and even not a skilled soldier. But before he could finish his ranting, he lost his balance, next his head.

These all happened in a flash. In less than 30mins, Israel had conquered their arch enemy, and the long raging battle was over; because a boy who knew the God of his fathers, and had a personal relationship with HIM, withstood the enemy no one was irritated enough to confront even when Goliath made jest of Israel’s God.
Beloved is there any trouble or challenge in the form of giants, posing to your face where is your God?

Take a cue from David today. Get infuriated at it. Make haste to confront it. Run towards it shouting your praises and exhortation to GOD: ‘THE BATTLE IS THE LORD’S’.
And so shall this be said of you(fill in the gap with your name): AND ___ KILLED ‘GOLIATH’!

However be advised, you must have similar or greater closeness and intimacy David had with His creator for you to conquer all Goliath confronting you.

Perhaps you have not identified with the Saviour Jesus Christ. Seize this opportunity to do so. Your victory cannot wait!

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  1. Lord, for the faith of David. Faith to step out of my comfort zone into the realm of the unknown, faith to face the goliath that dares my living God, faith to stand always for the cause that glorifies God….

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