Proverbs 6: 23-32

As powerful and helpful electricity is, a mis-use could be disastrous. Thesame is true for sexuality ( Hebrews 13: 4). I wish Christians are immune to sexual lust but in reality everyone is prone to it.

Survey has shown that if you closely study 100 christain brothers, not less than 20% will be having an inappropriate secret relationship with the opposite sex either at workplace, church, neighbourhood or distant old friend. Just say an affair.

Here, an affair simply means a married fellow having a secret relationship with the opposite sex, undefined relationship, spending unnecessary time with the opposite sex, compromising discussion, media flirting, emotional attachment. The funny thing about affair is that it makes you loose common sense ( Proverbs 6: 32a NIV)

Please understand that a married fellow being friend with the opposite sex is not wrong in itself and it is not something impossible, it is the heart factor (Proverbs 6:25a). However, being emotional attached is like playing a dangerous game ( Proverbs 6: 27-28)

I’m sharing these insight from Proverbs 6 because of the Modern day marriage syndrome called affair which has ruined many homes that are suppose to be heaven on Earth ( Proverbs 6: 32b). Before. I stop for now and we continue this discussion at a later time. I like you to take this AFFAIR SELF CHECK:

# Are you getting emotional attached to an opposite sex that is attractive to you? Proverbs 6: 25

# Are you putting too much in any secret relationship with an opposite sex and hanging on too long?

# Are you having private meetings, calls, messages, and discussion about your love life? Proverbs 6: 24

# Are you neglecting danger signals by siliencing your conscience? Proverbs 6: 27-28.
… To be continued…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Sir, it’s a topic alot of people(those in courship and the married), do not want to confront their conscience about. Like a brother use to say: the fact that you are now born again those not mean your sexual hormone is born again too. That is why Apostle Paul made so much emphasis about taming the flesh and bringing it under subjection.
    Whatsoever “pet” you permit, feed and nurtue will surely take it’s place in your life. One just need to be truthful to himself or herself, rather than denying the probing of the conscience, with: “there is nothing attached; He/She is just a close friend, nothing more”. Please let’s watch against this kind of answers, there may be some unspoken truth! May God help us all in Jesus name.

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