“…….. All Things Being Equal”


Back then as an Economics undergraduate, our empirical studies and researches always had a constraint where all our theories, facts and postulations always hit the rock. This constraint is tagged “All other things being equal”. We develop concepts and solutions, only to limit its application with the phrase “…all other things being equal”.

While studying for an examination at a particular period, I saw this assertion again, but this time, I didn’t accept it so I queried it by asking “why must all things be equal before this theory works”? I racked my brain to find an answer to my self-imposed question, then it dawned on me that the workings and application of economic theories depend on certain conditions being already met. I realized that it’s only God’s principle that can work even when all other conditions around it fail.

All we need to get through our failing situations is God, there is no alternative in mental work, drugs, addiction or self-pity. This God that is in the midst of thee is unlimited by any theory or fact posited against your victory. When all other conditions are not equal, He is more than equal. He is far above theories, negative medical reports, academic rigours and success droughts. He is the only one that makes standing laws and limitations and can also break them to see to your settlement. Several of these examples abound in the scripture and around us.

In the book of Matthew 14:13-21, when demand was more than the supply. All things in this situation were definitely far from equality as the supply (2 fishes and 5 loaves) had to be shared among an incredible number of people (5,000). What did Jesus do to solve the equation? Did he send some people away, or probably decided to give only children? No, He invented the law of divine multiplication to see to the people’s feeding and even had 12 full baskets remaining. He also repeated this control over nature in Matt.15:29-39, feeding 4,000 people with 7 loaves of bread and few fishes. What about his turning of a fish belly into a bank, using spit and mud to perform eye surgery and turning water into choice wine.

In all these situations, the conditions present weren’t just supportive neither were they equal, but they just couldn’t stop the more than able God; He is always in control! So if you had believed that your own situation has gone worse beyond the possibility of remedy or the constraints and limitations around it has nullified all hope of victory; I think you now know that such conclusion doesn’t put “the more than equal God” to play.

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