“Let me be! Don’t advise me! Leave me alone! I don’t need your advice!”

Friend, you don’t have to act this way. There is no harm in listening to people’s advice, except you have issues taming pride.

What is most important is what you do with the advice you are given.

It is good you listen to advice — the scripture says ‘Where there’s no counsel the people fall, but in the multitude of Counsellors there is safety’. [Proverbs 11:14]

However, check it whether you should take it or reject it — the scripture says ‘proof all things, hold fast to that which is good’. [1Thessalonians 5:21]

There are lots of direct and indirect advices/counsels ‘screaming’ at us daily, and these are what often frame the actions and decisions we take. Therefore we need to check it, so we don’t get wrecked.

Perhaps if Samson had yielded to his parents warning, he wouldn’t have fallen into the snare of Delilah [Judges 14:3]. Or if the man of God in 1Kings 13 had not yielded to the Old prophet’s advice, he wouldn’t have died in the midst of his days [Read this account in 1Kings 13:1-30].

Therefore how then does one check it, so as not to miss it?

The simple answer is through sincere proof — ‘The Truth Proof’

Any advice that partially or completely contradicts scriptural truth, be wary of it. The Lord is not an author of confusion.

Any advice that stir up bitterness, enmity and hatred is far from love. Love is the bedrock of all good advice.

Any advice that makes sin looks appealing is a destiny destroyer, don’t take it. It might just be an ‘Old prophet’ speaking to you.

Any advice that steer towards popular opinion, watch it, this is not a justification for acceptance. The voices of ten million men can not equal to the voice of the Only and Holy God; neither can these popular opinions lower God’s standards.

Finally, let the Word of God through the interpretation of the Holy Spirit be the filter for every advice you receive, and you can be sure you will not miss it.

I pray you will not miss purpose in Jesus name.

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